Torn Between San Diego and Honolulu.

So I’m on my way to San Diego, yay!, and by the time this is posted online I will have already surprised my parents, the rest of my family and my cats. Oh my fat little babies, how I’ve missed them. And P.S., Eliana is currently in San Diego too so I’m excited to see her. Obviously.

But right now while I’m on this plane and as I type these words on my ipad with only 19% battery life left because I forgot to charge it, I’m missing my husband. Unfortunately he’ll be in Honolulu while I’m in San Diego for the next two and half weeks. My visit will consist of photographing a couple of engagement sessions, spending a lot of quality time with the fatties, my parents, friends and eating Mexican candy to drown out how much I’ll miss Eddie. I’ve taken plenty of trips without him before but for some reason this one feels more difficult. Walking away from him and through the security gates at the airport was not fun and surprisingly, my tears stayed within the outlines of my eyeballs. That was a first.

Deep breath. I have lot of work, thinking and planning to do while on this trip so I’m leaving the mushy stuff aside and focusing. *game face on* that is of course, until I see my parents, then it’ll all go downhill so I’ll have to re-read this post to remind myself that I am an adult, a glitter nail polish wearing adult, but regardless, composure is important. Composure is always key.

Hellllllllooooooo San Diego and happy Saturday ya’ll!


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Wait, WHAT?!?!?!??! You’re in San Diego!??!?! Do I get to see you?!?!!

Have an awesome trip! xo!

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