San Diego Portraits~ Jonas

Eddie and I always had a chaperone with us when we were dating and as much of a drag as that may sound to some people, it wasn’t bad. In fact, it was pretty great. Granted, the chaperones weren’t always adults since adults are busy people. Duh. But it’s a good thing we had Ketzia, Amy and Jonas. Especially Jonas. They were children, yes, but parent approved to go with us on dates. Sometimes all three of them would jump in the back of Eddie’s hatchback and we’d take a trip to the mall. Fun times. I wish I would have documented more of it.

But what I’ll never forget is Jonas’ willingness to be there for us. Always. From a short ice cream trip to our eleven month dating anniversary to our wedding day, Jonas was there. As a friend. As a mini adult. And always with a smile on his face. He spoke about things you’d never expect a ten year old to speak about. He shared his dreams and goals and I never once doubted that he would accomplish everything he wanted.

I got to photograph Jona’s senior portraits a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t help but get a little emotional. He’s the same as he was almost ten years ago. And if it’s possible, even a little better. Smart, focused, dedicated, friendly and just the right amount of crazy. I like to say that Jonas is just like his older brother because those kinda’ guys don’t come around often. Clearly my mother in law has a few tricks up her sleeve. It’s a good thing I snagged the older one when I did and sorry girls, word on the street is that Jonas is taken also 😉 Jonas got accepted to UC Davis and will be majoring in Plant Science and hopefully will be joining me in my vegan/vegetarian lifestyle soon. I kid Jonas, I kid. Ha!  I can’t express how proud and happy I am for him but truth is I’m not surprised. I’ve known from the moment I met Jonas as a boy that he’d do some amazing things and I know this is only the beginning for him.

Meet my brother, Jonas…

I can’t help but see the eight year old Jo in this photo…Um yea, all of my husbands family has this model status vibe to them. It’s kind of ridiculous and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m jealous.Jonas and his car. Eddie had the same kind of car when we were dating so it definitely brings back memories…Lil’ cutie:)Second outfit was styled by Amy. LOVE it. Side note; Amy can you PA-LEASE hurry up and do this for a living already? 😉Lovin’ all the colors! Very Jonas-ish.GAH. My favorite set.Jonas, Jonas, Jonas,

You know my eyes are watery as I’m writing this. Sorry. But you know I’m the emotional sister in law:)I’m so very proud of you. You already know this but I’m writing this on my blog so you can always come back and look at it. Just in case you ever doubt yourself, know that you always have a place to turn to. I’m serious when I say that I’ve always known you were a special one. Ask JR. I’ve always said this. And I’m not just talking about your education and career. I’m talking about spiritual things as well. You just don’t believe that part yet 😉 I never had a little brother and I can honestly say that if I did I would want him to be exactly like you so I’m grateful that JR shares you with me. We will miss you dearly while you’re off in college but I know that we will stay in touch and you can be sure that you will always be in our prayers. May Jehovah continue blessing you and all that you do. I love you and will always be one of your biggest fans,



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Ohhh marissa.. Thats so beautiful!!! This blog really does make you tear up.. Ur awesome as a photographer… And u r right that family is amazing at models.. Well pretty much everything… Well take care great Job!!! So exiting to see the family ones


My bro Jo! Too much good to say about him! Seriously though, you captured his personality so well that his spunky spirit shines right out of the photos! props to you girl ur amazing! No joke, I’m so happy for Jo and all of his accomplishment.


DUDE!!!! i never realize how much grown up Jo really got until i seen these pictures!!! eventhoe he looks older and actually pretty cute i can always see jonas doing something stupid and crazy lol i never thought i would see the day that he would be going to college wow time flys way to fast!!!! I love the Rodriguez family so much<3 im actually gunna miss this little crazy ass!


Wow! were’s the little boy we knew not to long ago!
Jonas we are proud of you, you seem a very smart young man, always keep in touch, make the right decisions, and wow! you are so(guapo)
have a great summer, Missa you did a great job, keep up the good work!!!lov u

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