Honolulu Portraits~ Jessica & Orlando

Looks like the blog turned into “Hawaii Week” for the past week and a half…I blogged about my little traveling adventures, then about my thoughts while flying, next about superpowers and babies, leaving Hawaii, then Josie and Josh and then my venting post about an uncomfortable plane ride. I don’t want it to end because then I’ll think about the fact that I’m not there anymore and I’ll get all sad and start binging on chocolate. So on with more posts having to do with the islands!

I got to photograph Jessica and her beautiful family on a lovely private beach a few days before I left. But before we move on to the photos I have to add how jealous I am of Jessica. She gets to spend almost everyday with Eliana and me? Well I’m over 2,300 miles away. Obviously I’m jealous:)So before I get completely off topic, lets move on to the photos!

Meet Jessica and Orlando…

Love Jessica’s expression in this one…Fierce. Fierce. Fierce.Jessica I just couldn’t decide between the color or black & white one. You are so beautiful, this is one of my favorite portraits. Love.Love this.This might be my favorite from the session…And here are a few photos of the rest of the gang:)Shawn, Angelica, Brian and Jojo!Click here to view full gallery!

Jessica, Orlando, Shawn, Angelica, Brian and Jojo,

Thank you all for being great even when it was super hot out! At least we were by the beach!:)Jessica & Orlando, thank you for sharing your family with me and my camera. And kids, you guys are one of the most chill and well behaved group of kids I’ve ever met:)you all did a great job being models for a day! Oh and Orlando, I told you I’d get at least one photo of you smiling 😉 Hope to see you all soon!




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Dannet Palacios

Mom loves these

Milagros Cruz

the pix look great i love them guys look beautiful love and miss ya so much

Hell yeah! This post definitely gets a hell yeah. Alyssa and I met, fell in love and got married while we were living on Oahu, so these look extra awesome for me. I miss it, too. There’s no place like the islands :)

:) Ooh, fun photos! I love the one that is your favourite.

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