Before & After Photos. Veganism/ Insanity/ P90X.

I had more than one brainstorming and evaluating how I spend my time sessions last week and although I have yet to decide if I came up with anything worth pursuing I did realize that I hate wasting time, which is probably why I don’t take naps or sleep in as often as I should. So while I planned, organized and sorted through my thoughts I made a blog calendar that will help me keep track of the things I want to share on this little corner of the web. I made sure to only fill the calendar with the things I truly enjoy talking/writing about, and if you’re wondering if those topics will only include cats & chocolate don’t worry, I didn’t keep things THAT “specific” but let’s be real, there’s going to be days that my two fat divas will be the center of my blog universe and dear Internet, I need to know that you will accept me as I am: a cat lady that doesn’t actually live with any cats. Yes!? Fabulous, let’s move on with the run-on sentences.

The plan or should I say HOPE? is to dedicate the start of every week to VLOGGING tidbits of my vegan lifestyle and different health/fitness goals that I’m working on. I’ve had a few people ask me about these things but the most encouraging are the people who have told me that I’ve motivated them to be more physically active or to explore a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I know right!?!? SHOCKING. I’m only a 5’1″ glitter lovin’, wanna be flying gypsy chick trying to get her wedding photography business going in Hawaii but if I can *ALSO* save one more animal by encouraging at least one person to include more plant based meals in their diet while setting fitness/health goals then hey, I’m all for it. Run-on sentences and all.

So here we go! Below is my first video of this Monday series that I have yet to name, enjoy! Some of the topics I’ll cover in the video below are…

-before and after veganism/ insanity/ p90x photos

-how i accomplished a two year goal

-being vegan

-feeling comfortable in a bikini

-having goals, even if a little vain, help keep you motivated

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

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get it, girrrrrrl!

MARISSA!!! I meant to come on here way earlier and say how proud I am of you! You look happy and healthy!! Of course I thought you looked amazing before, so I don’t want to be one of those people that says “YOU LOOK SO MUCH BETTER NOW!” You looked amazing before and you look amazing now. =) I’ll need your help when I have this baby and want to get my body back. Lord knows…it’s going to be a challenge. =)

Eunice Sierra

You look great!

WOW! Very inspiring!


Marissa, this is truly amazing watching this shows me how strong of a women/person you are and I am completely motivated !!!!… I want to loose 15 more lbs and be comfortable in a 2 piece bathing suit too, not for any one but my self :) thanks for sharing I am excited for next week :)

Your beauty shines through in both those images but there is a confidence and whole-bodiedness in that second one that is really striking. Thanks for sharing your process, goals and results. You’re inspiring for sure!


You look AMAZING Marissa! Way to go girl!!!

You are AMAZING! And I think you just motivated me to go to the gym tonight… 😛 ;]


Fantastic Marissa!! I am soo proud of you….and….I’m DOING something about it 😉 Love.


Marissa! You look amazing! Beyond amazing! I just finished insanity workout for the day but after seeing this, I’m def doing p90x today as well. You are so inspirational and I just adore you!


Wow! You go girl!! Such a motivation

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